100 hour challenge

I have been set a challenge by Ewan McIntosh (www.notosh.com). I was set the challenge during a networking day with fellow Creative Agents who all have the privilege of working within the Creative Partnerships programme http://www.creative-partnerships.com. The day was to discuss virtual networking and how we can use social media to support each other, share good practice and also to discuss how we can work with our schools to develop this too.

I was ‘sent’ by my area delivery organisation as I have only had a mobile phone for 5 years, a computer for 3, and use facebook – but only to play scrabble!

So………… the 100 hour challenge……

Pick something about which you are passionate, which you have a deep desire to learn or to achieve yourself. It can be related to work or totally personal. Ideally it’s something you will share with the wider world. Practice, read up on, share your knowledge on your chosen challenge for at least one hour a day, every day, for 100 days.

I took my time to decide what I was going to do. I am inherently lazy and wanted to choose something that I knew I would/could do. I used ‘social networking’ to ask for advice……. my facebook status!!! Suggestions were….

take up fencing (Thanks Sarah J)
rock climbing (thanks Jo W)
General relativity – try the series of Stanford Uni lectures on YouTube (thanks, I think, John G)

I am a classically trained musician. I can play piano, clarinet, sax. I can pick up most wind instruments and become competent very quickly. The guitar has always flummoxed me though, so………….. bass guitar it is.

Since putting up my facebook status, I have been lent a mini bass guitar (I think there is a more correct technical term for it!) and an amp. I decided to start my 100 hour challenge today, but unfortunately I had one very important factor missing – a lead!!! There’s me thinking I had planned this well…..

So……….. I have learned the tuning of a standard bass guitar, I’ve played around with it (minus much sound of any kind due to lack of amplification), done a few scales and played around with a few well known riffs, my favourite so far which is beautifully easy – intro to Rock Lobster – B52’s!

My 100 hour challenge is proving quite interesting already – I have been helped out by friends, have investigated more things I may want to do, I am inspired to actually do this


because I have no lead and after only 15 minutes of playing the bass, my fingers hurt, so……… part of this 100 hour challenge will also be to explore the use of blogging to support my challenge….

Double whammy………. here endeth my first blog!

Rachel (AKA cuffufle)

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21 Responses to 100 hour challenge

  1. jo says:

    Go girl…… if bass fails come climbing xx

  2. afteriris says:

    Good luck! Looking forward to reading about your bass playing endeavours x

    • cuffufle says:

      Thanks Jess – reckon if it works and I stick to it, I’ll try the trombone or trumpet next!! That or something totally different – like pickling!

  3. Jon Law says:

    Good stuff Rach.

    Clearly this works

    TIP 2

    make the url’s proper hyperlinks – so we can click on them

    Do this in the wordpress dashboard post editor, highlight the text and click the hyperlink button and add the url in the relevant field and ta da……………. hyperlink!!

  4. thatotherrachel says:

    Top stuff you. Keep the progress reports coming.

  5. Hilarious! I blogged about learning the guitar for music workshops only a few weeks ago!

    Have I practiced? Not much!!

    • cuffufle says:

      I’m going to do this, I am I am I am! I only played for about 20 minutes and my fingers were killing me. Spent the rest of the time trying to learn how to blog!

      Trumpet or trombone next!

  6. ian says:

    good stuff rach! mini bass = short scale ; )

  7. sophie says:

    nonono, bagpipes next! You know you want to…

    or – html. It’s easy, honest.

  8. Neil says:

    Good blogging skills Rach…look forward to getting you to teach me how to do it properly! And I think you’re underselling yourself somewhat to say that you ‘only’ use Facebook for Scrabble 😉

  9. flake says:

    Rachel, if you so desire I will bring you a HUGE bass amp when back in the country.

  10. Katie says:

    Excellent progress on the challenge Agent Cuffufle! Seriously impressed that you have started a blog, I am still gearing up for it but have sent myself a snailmail tweet (postcard!!) every day. Looking forward to hearing more! Agent Katie.

    • cuffufle says:

      Agent Katie – How do!

      I am following you on twitter whatever that means (!) and noticed your post on the CA CCE forum.

      Good luck with your challenge!

      Rachel (AKA Agent Cuffufle)

  11. Of course you are, I’m just not in the same place so difficult! This summer is mine to learn some chords though…

    Glad to see you have taken to blogging!! Woop!

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